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Five reasons why there is a future for your career in mediation.

19 Jan 2015 11:29 AM | Deleted user

According to the Guardian, today is the most depressing day of the year popularly referred to as Blue Monday.

And, in the true spirit of mediation we decided to post a little anti ‘Blue Monday’ motivation for mediators.

 Mediators often question the sustainability of mediation and they also worry about whether consumer perspectives will change in relation to the use of mediation services.

If you are wondering if there is any hope for your future in dispute resolution look no further. We have five reasons why you should not give up hope on a profession in mediation.

Based on an article on the future of mediation originally published by thought leader Michael Leathes, we put together a mini pep talk for mediators:

By 2020 mediation will be limited to qualified professionals: If you are second guessing the relevance of undergoing formal training to be a mediator think again.It is expected that formal assessments like role-plays and written examinations will soon become core requirements for “qualified mediators”. This means certification in mediation will be a key differentiator in selecting a mediator.

Technology will change delivery in mediation: Technology has already made a huge difference to the way we bank and shop, online banking and online retail have become the norm in many aspects. There are hopes that the growing popularity of ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) will enable mediations to take place online and/or lessen the need for proximity.

Promotion: It is also expected that mediators will be assessed through feedback from consumers instead of hearsay. This means that, similar to the rise of consumer review sites like Trip Advisor, mediators will increasingly be selected according to user feedback summaries.

Changing demands of clients in legal disputes: The legal profession is changing and clients will expect more productive outcomes from disputes. There is hope this will lead to a growth in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and a decrease in the reliance on litigation. With this upcoming change, lawyers will be more informed and aware of other methods of conflict resolution.  And hopefully this generation of legal professionals will have more confidence in resolution through mediation.

More support for professionals: Finally, there is an expectation that with the growth of mediation as a profession, practitioners will gain the support they need from independent professional bodies. These bodies will promote the use of mediation to prospective buyers and they will also promote awareness of best practice in mediation.

The future is indeed a bright one for mediation and mediation professionals. If you would like to hear more about the future of mediation and the themes above be sure to attend our networking session: Mediating for the Future.







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